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Originally Posted by Vorian Atreides View Post
In a typical game using 15 balls, your goal is to sink 8 of them.

I think that's why there's a upper limit at 8.

Getting a 9 in this context is the proverbial score of 7 on an Actuarial Exam.
Yes, in 8 ball you have 15 balls and you have to make 8, but you don't have to make them in numerical order like you would in 9-ball or 10-ball.

My main issue is that he calls level 8 the "Pro Player" level, which is misleading. I would have been an 8 (or better) based on this skill test in the past, and I was no where near "pro" level, unless you are using the term very loosely or locally (sort of like a "house pro" that gives lessons at a golf course).

The other reason it bothers me is that the skill level system was supposedly designed for 9-ball players, so it seems like the optimal level to shoot for would be 9. I believe there was a FAQ posted by him (or an AMA, can't remember) on reddit, and the hand wavy explanation was that in 9 ball you only need to make the first 8 balls and then leave yourself a shot on the 9, so that's why he doesn't count it, but if that was truly the case it would make more sense for level N to use N+1 balls.

Regardless of whether I agree with his level naming or upper bounds, the test is still a good way to determine your current ability, and it's straightforward enough that it can be expanded above 8 balls without having to change the rules at all.
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