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Originally Posted by Captain Oveur View Post
What kind of institution would give someone a math master's that didn't even have the ability to pass P? (or what would effectively be P)
As I explained in a different thread:

Originally Posted by clarinetist View Post
Oh, and if you do end up with choosing the pure math degree, please don't develop this attitude I've seen in a lot of pure math majors - i.e., uncertainty is bad. I've seen pure math majors go deep into analysis or algebra, and then they develop this attitude toward probability and statistics that they're just made-up sciences that have a bunch of uncertainty to them, and that analysis and algebra are better because there are solid, straight answers.

When I was a math major, I was told there are two types of students: the theoretical ones (the pure/applied math people) and the computational types (statistics, actuarial science people). Don't let people tell you that you have to be one or the other. It's an artificial separation that I still see, even in grad school.
I can definitely see math majors just avoiding probability entirely.
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