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Letters get you the good positions and jobs without really needing to prove yourself through hard work.

No letters means you have to work hard to prove yourself.

Personally, I went the letter route since it's nice to be wanted and paid well without needing to work my ass off everyday. Sure, exams are a pain, but once you get through them, it's really a pretty cushy profession. Besides, the student programs at most companies only reward exam progress where work performance is largely ignored. Plenty of times I sacrificed work performance to pass exams. And I'm positive I'm making more money and enjoying life more as an FSA than I would have not studying and working hard needing to prove myself everyday...

This isn't to say that working hard cannot get you as far as getting the letters. But, you take a chance where the FSA is pretty much a ticket to the good life.

Just based on my thoughts and experiences.
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